What to Expect from a Consultation & Treatment

What happens at the first consultation?

On the initial consultation your osteopath will establish the cause of the problem and determine the appropriate course of treatment. If a referral needs to be made or further investigations, such as X-Rays or Blood Tests, your osteopath will discuss this with you and advise you appropriately.

The initial consultation involves the taking of your medical history and a history of your presenting complaint. Your osteopath will then ask you to perform a series of simple movements to identify any areas of pain or restriction. Then a thorough physical examination is conducted, which may include neurological testing, orthopaedic testing and systems testing, such as taking your blood pressure.

Patients may be asked to undress to their underwear, so that your osteopath can assess fully the structural imbalances and joint restrictions. However, this can also be achieved wearing shorts or loose clothing if undressing is an issue.

What happens during treatment?

The first consultation usually lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the complexity of the complaint. Your osteopath will start the treatment process, which may include joint mobilisations, joint manipulations, massage, western acupuncture and stretching techniques.

Follow up appointments usually last 30 minutes and involves any of the above combination of techniques and a prescription of appropriate rehabilitation exercises.

How can I expect to feel after treatment?

This varies greatly on the severity of the presenting complaint and individual responses to treatment.

Generally, there should be an immediate positive effect from treatment where the patient should experience reduced pain and an improved range of movement. There may be a feeling of discomfort over the next day following treatment. This is a normal effect and will pass leading to a generalised improvement in the complaint.

Our osteopaths are always available for advice and reassurance should you be concerned at any stage of your treatment and recovery.

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Do I have to be referred by my GP?

No, not if you're paying privately for your treatment. You will have to get a referral from your GP if you are claiming through your private health insurance.

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment can be a little uncomfortable as osteopaths work on areas which are already irritated and injured. Your osteopath will communicate throughout the treatment to see how you are feeling and work within your boundaries. You may experience some discomfort the next day, but this is part of the healing process and is normal. Please contact Ben or Meyrem if you are concerned.

What are your prices?

It is best to ring for quotes on home visits and clinic prices as we often run promotions and give concessions to certain sectors of society.

Can I get an emergency or same day appointment?

It may be possible to get a same day appointment depending on availability. Emergency appointments will be accommodated as best we can.

What should I wear?

You may be asked to undress to your underwear but you can bring shorts or wear loose clothing if this is an issue.

Can I bring a friend or relative along?

Yes you can have someone present in the clinic room throughout the consultation and treatment process.

How many treatments will I need?

Your osteopath will endeavour to offer a fair and cost effective treatment service that improves the patient's complaint in the least number of sessions. This will vary on the severity of your presentation and the length of time the patient has experienced the pain or discomfort. As a general rule, patients should expect to see a good degree of improvement within 2-4 sessions.

Your osteopath will support and advise you throughout the process giving you a clear understanding of your options and likely treatment schedule. Some patients benefit from maintenance treatments to either control their pain or keep them pain free. These instances relate to patients who do not want surgery, delay the possibility of having surgery or experience the benefit of having maintenance treatment, which keeps them well, active and pain free.


The Mobile Osteopath is run by Meyrem and Ben Ludow. Meyrem started and established The Mobile Osteopath after finding a niche for osteopathic treatments for patients who couldn't walk, move or drive anywhere to seek help.

Ben provides a different service from traditional osteopaths. As well as offering the usual hands on treatment of mobilisations, joint manipulations, deep tissue massage and stretching techniques. Ben offers western acupuncture, sports taping, kinesio taping and rehabilitation programming.


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